Right Side Up Podcast with Danielle Strickland and James Sholl

Power Shift Edition: Interview with World Vision Leaders

June 22, 2022 Season 10 Episode 10
Right Side Up Podcast with Danielle Strickland and James Sholl
Power Shift Edition: Interview with World Vision Leaders
Show Notes

Welcome to the final episode of the Power Shift Edition podcast season, a collaboration between Danielle Strickland and World Vision. We are connecting with people at the intersection of power shifting around the world.  

In this episode, Danielle interviews global development leaders from World Vision: Maya Assaf-Horstmeier, Matthew Scott, Maclean Ndabezinhle Dlodlo, and Dana Buzducea. 

Dana (Daniela) Buzducea has worked for more than 20 years to change the systems that keep the world’s most vulnerable children living in degrading, dehumanizing conditions. From social work in Romania to leading World Vision’s global advocacy work, Dana has always been committed to ending injustices facing children. Dana is a passionate advocate for children’s right to participate, and she believes adults have a responsibility to keep children high on the political and the public agenda so that no child is left behind in the development race.

Maya Assaf-Horstmeier has been working for World Vision since 2005, supporting disaster management programming including early warning and early action, disaster preparedness, and humanitarian response. In 2017, Maya joined the Peacebuilding team as Associate Director for Conflict Sensitivity. Maya has supported the start-up, strategy development, resource acquisition, and quality assurance initiatives in a number of global responses.

Matthew Scott currently leads World Vision's global fundraising for dangerous places around the world. His twenty years with the organisation includes seven years leading World Vision's global peacebuilding practice, two years based in World Vision India, and five years as World Vision's representative to the United Nations in New York. He has worked in dozens of conflict-affected contexts and lived in Australia, Bangladesh, Germany, India, Indonesia, Uganda, the United States, and Venezuela. Matthew has a deep personal passion for ending poverty and violent conflict, an interest in sustainability, and has completed numerous marathons, triathlons, and cycling tours for charity.

Maclean Ndabezinhle Dlodlo is a leader in World Vision South Africa with invaluable knowledge and experience engaging the Church and Civic Society on developmental issues across cultures. His focus is in the negotiation of the intersections of faith, gender and inclusion, protection, and peace-building to champion collective responses for lasting change. In 2015, the Lewis Institute, Babson College, USA awarded Maclean a Social Innovator award in recognition of his leadership in the multi-country scale-up of Channels of Hope for Gender, World Vision’s faith partnerships curriculum that inspires a positive change in gender norms, value systems, and practices in communities.

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