Right Side Up Podcast with Danielle Strickland

Power Shift Edition: Interview with Andrew Morley

April 27, 2022 Danielle Strickland Season 10 Episode 2
Right Side Up Podcast with Danielle Strickland
Power Shift Edition: Interview with Andrew Morley
Show Notes

Welcome to the second episode of the Right Side Up Power Shift Edition season of the podcast. Another beautiful collaboration with World Vision and Danielle Strickland with their workers from around the world. We are also connecting with people who are at the intersection of power shifting around the world.  

In this episode, Danielle is interviewing Andrew Morley the president and chief executive officer of World Vision International.

Andrew Morley became President of World Vision International in early 2019, having been Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Collaboration Officer since January 2016.

He joined World Vision after leading and building successful international organizations. He has worked for brands such as Google Mobility Motorola Mobile, Sky Television, Harrods Group and Ford Motor Company and was the CEO of Clear Channel UK. 

Andrew is married to Vanessa and they have two teenage children, Lewis and James.

Andrew has BA Honours degrees in Marketing and Theology. He is a member of a long-distance cycling team and enjoys running. Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrewmorley0

"I know the importance of our mission, and the more I witness our global impact, the prouder I am of our approach to development and relief."

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